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Meet the Team

We have a fantastic team here at D’acqua, below are a hand full of some of our current staff.




Jimmy Shadforth is the head chef and owner at D’acqua.

He has cooked in the industry professionally for 15 years. Opening D’acqua at only 23 he is now 7 and a half years on and still has the same passion for creating dishes for people to enjoy.


Hannah (The Missus)

Hannah Shadforth, Jimmy’s wife and therefore ‘The Boss’

Hannah manages the front of house team. She is also responsible for keeping Jimmy in line with all of the paperwork side of the business.


Carley (Little Mac)

Carley Mcquillan has worked with D’acqua for 5 plus years now and is a valuable member of the kitchen team; although young her diploma in patisserie and experience in 5 star hotels is a great asset.

Chris (Mr Toal)

Chris Toal


Chris has been here from day one, he was with Jimmy at catering college. Chris has been off work for a long time due to personal reasons, however he is now back fighting fit!

Needs a women in his life!

Chris now assists Hannah with the managerial side of D’acqua. Chris is both trained to work on the front of house and also in the kitchen.

Liam (Kirky Lad)

Liam came for a weekend job years ago, stayed for 4 years then left to become a full time teacher, however he is back now full time as a chef here at D’acqua. We think he missed the cooking and our craic