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Our Suppliers

Our suppliers are what help D’acqua tick. Some have been with us from the start and continue to support D’acqua with quality produce being delivered daily.

Nico Rossi (Rodger & Steve)

These guys have been in the catering supplies game for years and offer us our Italian speciality produce along with cheeses, the coffee, and all those little things that help us tick over.

Terry (Twins Fruiters Pallion)

Terry has supplied us from day one with fresh fruit and vegetables. He knows exactly the quality that we want and need to use in our cooking and is always popping in to have a chat about new and exciting ingredients.

Richard Norman (The Milkman)

Richy has also been with us from day one supplying fresh milk, cream, butter and most important our FREE RANGE eggs. He is a great laugh and you will hear him before you see him.

Taylor Foods (The Fish People)

Found at north shields Taylor foods deliver our fresh fish daily, they know the exact spec of what we require and will always phone us up to discuss new seasonal fish.

Country Harvest (The Meat Guys)

Country Harvest supply our beef, pork & chicken for our menu dishes, local farms and farm assured chickens help us know exactly where our meat is coming from which is very important to us here.

English Lakes (Ice cream)

Fantastic English Lakes Ice cream using fresh ingredients and delivering to us daily. Ask about what flavours we currently offer